A Study In Scandinavia: Too Much Food, Not Enough Time

Copenhagen: my home from home. The Danish pastries had been calling my name since the start of this whole trip, and now that we were within walking distance of one of my favourite places in the city, I wasn’t about to let the opportunity of daily Danish pastries for breakfast slip through my fingers.


Andersen bakery is situated directly opposite the main train station in Copenhagen (right next to Tivoli Gardens) and, in my opinion, there has never been a better place for a bakery. If you want a warm, Danish welcome well, here it is. Their wonderful range of pastries, bread and other confectioneries is my idea of heaven, but with only a short amount of time in Copenhagen, I had to restrain myself from buying one of everything. Rather than eating my body weight in sugar daily, I thought a trio of pastries would be acceptable – if you can’t treat yourself on holiday, when can you? – and each and every one was as divine as the next.


I’m a sucker for custard, so one of my favourites was the (mini) ‘Spandauer’. Delicate, flaky puff pastry filled with vanilla custard and a sprinkle of flaked almonds. Have you ever known anything so indulgent? I’m getting withdrawal symptoms just thinking about it. Naturally, if you are more of a savoury bread/sandwich person then their sandwiches are equally as exceptional, but their Danish pastries are, simply put, some of the best things I have ever eaten in my life (and I don’t say that lightly).


Moving on, because I can feel myself starting to google “flights to Copenhagen for cheap” just to stockpile pastries; we are onto lunch. Over on “Papirøen” (Paper Island), opposite Copenhagen Opera House is a disused paper mill. This place is a foodie’s paradise. Packed full with food trucks from curry to cocktails, baked potatoes to freshly baked pizza, waffles to falafels, this is the place that pleases everyone. The problem that occurs, however, when you encounter so many different places to eat in one nifty warehouse is that your brain sort of goes into overdrive, and you end up not having a clue about what you actually want to eat.


Thankfully we revisited the paper mill every day, so I am now a seasoned pro at which stall does what, and how good it is (spoiler: it’s all mind-blowingly amazing). As a substitute for in-depth analysis of each individual meal eaten from each individual stall, I, instead, will give you my top savoury and sweet stall to eat from in this seemingly never ending sea of food.

MADEINITALY‘ are passionate about keeping their roots with classic Roman bases, and offer a range of vegetarian and vegan pizzas (complete with vegan cheese made from nuts such as cashew and almond). Traditionally made pizza bases with mouth-watering tomato sauce and a layer of melty cheese is exactly what this place is all about. Whether you prefer the classic Neapolitan-style Margherita pizza, or something a little bit different like an ‘upside-down onion pizza’, you will never be short of choice.

As for dessert, there is only one place you should be going, and that’s the creme brulee doughnut stall. They blow torch the doughnut in front of you! Come on, people! If that hasn’t convinced you already, I don’t know what will. Anyway, if you aren’t already convinced, will the fact that it is filled with the smoothest crème pâtissière, tossed in sugar and then topped with vanilla ice cream, and dark-chocolate sauce convince you? No? Then there is nothing more I can say. If I had known this wonderful invention existed for the past 18 years, I would have moved months ago to make sure it was worked into my daily routine. Heaven it was. Absolute heaven.


Now, sadly, we come to the end of this adventure. There have been ups and downs (both physically and metaphorically), and I have to say the thought of returning home brings a bitter-sweet feeling of relief and sadness. One thing’s for certain though, Scandinavia has not seen the last of me. I will be back, and next time, with a wider waistline, and a wider smile. Be seeing you Scandinavia. Farvel!


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