A Study in Scandinavia: Trust Your Gut

I was sceptical about what to expect of Oslo when we arrived. I had heard mixed reviews from “oh, there’s not enough there for 5 days. You’ll get bored within the first 2” to “it’s such an amazing city. You’ll never want to come back”. The truth is, for me, it was somewhere in between.

Oslo is a rich city, filled with so many different places, and things to do. I’m not going to pretend most people don’t go for the Viking side of things, though I’m not exactly into that life (between you and me, my pillaging skills are somewhat lacking), but it’s got so much to offer in other respects. The Nobel peace centre is something to make you think, as are the soft tunes of the organ in the Cathedral; the opera house is somewhere to go to look out over the city (and maybe get your bearings), and Vettakollen, though not technically in the city, is somewhere to get away from your thoughts.

If you want to go somewhere to make you feel cool though, there’s a place for that too. ‘Nedre Lokka’ cocktail bar over in the district of Grunerløkka is where it is happening. With its dimly lit bar and booths, and hipsterish feel, you can get tasty cocktails crafted to perfection. All the bar tenders wear matching aprons, and the backdrop of bottles upon bottles stacked high behind them suggests something similar to a chemistry lab, though the cascading vines would suggest something slightly different. What exactly, I have no idea.

After scrupulously examining the menu, I decided the ‘Adult Entertainer’ was just up my street. Vanilla vodka, ginger, and fresh passion fruit results in a tart but refreshing drink with a zing at the back of your tongue coming from the ginger. Almost like being transported to a beach in the Caribbean, this drink is just one of the many different concoctions they provide there. If you get a chance to worm your way over into this hip and developing corner of the city, it’s a must.

As well as this bar in the Grunnerløkka district, The Funky Fresh cafe in DogA is also a great spot for any vegans/health conscious folk out there. Their range of wraps and sandwiches are great for light lunches or snacks, but their burger made with jackfruit is also a great option for those with a larger appetite. People putting food together for likeminded folks, who want the most nutrition from their meals is what makes this places special, that and it’s location. Placed down just by the river, it’s a great place to pick up a burger or sandwich to take down to the riverbank and sit with the grass in your toes and the sun warming your skin.

Such an amazing city with so many places I have yet to discover. I’m most definitely going back to make sure I’ve covered every nook and cranny this palace has to offer. Leave no stone unturned.


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