A Study In Scandinavia: Climb Every Mountain

Although the weather while we were in Bergen lived up to its reputation of being ‘very damp’ (240 days of rain a year… and I thought us British folk had it rough), it is definitely worth a visit. Whether it was the colourful houses, the snow-capped peaks of Vidden or the slightly industrial feel of the harbourside, Bergen and I well and truly clicked.


Part of the reason why I think I Bergen is now so high on my list of places to go back to is because of the university, which is situated just south of the city centre. Students make up around 10% of the population of Bergen which gives the town a reason to have a few spots where the meals are a little cheaper than normal and after climbing Mt. Ulriken on Monday, I thought a hearty evening meal was on the cards as a reward for our efforts, so we headed on over to an Asian restaurant near the University called “Hot Wok”.


At first glance, the restaurant isn’t much to look at, but the smell coming from the kitchen was music to my nostrils. Sat in the window, we were able to look out onto the high-street and do some people watching as we waited in anticipation for our food to arrive, which wasn’t long. If you want somewhere to go for fast, filling food, this is the place. Our veggie chow mein arrived, and I couldn’t wait any longer.


Egg noodles with a whole load of vegetables tossed together in a coating of slightly sweet, and sticky sauce. It didn’t touch the sides. I’m not sure if it was simply due to my intense feeling of hunger being satisfied, or if the food really was that tasty, but either way, I can’t think of anything else that would have tasted that good in that moment. Every noodle cooked to perfection added to the crunch of the fried veg, it was exactly what was needed to finish off what had been a long day of walking. I’m not sure if post-exercise carbo-loading is a thing, but if it is, sign me up.


Between the mountains, and the food, and the people, the entire feel of Bergen was right up my alley. Most definitely one to return to in the future, but for now? Were off. Start up the train, we’re on our way to Oslo!



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